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Instructure and the Canvas Quizzes team have been planning the timeline to sunset Classic Quizzes.  We understand that the nature of change in education requires a long lead time to plan your transitions, so Canvas is sharing the transition path now while still working to provide critical feature functionality.

Below are some links to various conversations about this move to New Quizzes.  You might be requested to login to these communities to comment.  I would encourage any JCCC faculty to raise any concerns or post a question if you want.

Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline

Sun setting Classic Quizzes (Question and Answers)

Canvas New Quizzes Community Articles

New Quizzes looking forward; 2021

Still Working on: (you might want to comment)

Migrating Test Banks to New Quizzes

Migrating Classic Quizzes Test Banks to New Quizzes

Rich Content Editor for all Question types in New Quizzes

New Quizzes – Needs Rich Content Editor for All Question types

For more information about the Canvas Community contact Ed Lovitt elovitt@jccc.edu