Student Presentations

At our last meeting of the year, several students gave presentations on their experiences at AASHE.  In addition to the posts where we’ve shared those presentations, feel free to ask students about the sessions they attended and their experiences in Portland on this post.

— Tyler Jones, describing the music at one of his favorite sessions, by Lyrebird



— Kait Bridges, discussing the valuable sessions she attended on permaculture and design


— Hannah Lusk, helping the SSC see the lessons she learned about mitigating food waste in dining services

Well, we had to eat somewhere…

Portland’s local food scene is the stuff of legend, and it goes without saying that we did our very best to enjoy the legend within our budgetary restraints and both between and after our conference obligations.  From food trucks to authentic Japanese ramen, to sushi, raw oysters, Ethiopian injera, and – of course – quarts of coffee and piles of interestingly-flavored donuts, we ate.

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