Working with a Sign Language Interpreter

  • Following their Code of Professional Conduct, interpreters will interpret everything they hear from lectures to side comments. In turn, they will also interpret everything said by the Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals themselves.
  • If the Deaf/Hard of Hearing student is late, the interpreter will wait 15 minutes for every hour that the class is in session (unless they hear otherwise) to allow for everyday life issues.
  • Keep in mind that the interpreter can only interpret one voice at a time. If a class discussion becomes very vocal, the interpreter may ask individuals to repeat themselves to be able to interpret all comments.
  • In order for interpreters to fully prepare for class, access to class information on CANVAS will be necessary. I will work with Ed Lovitt, Director of Distance to add name of interpreter (s) to your CANVAS list. Also, we will remove interpreter(s) name if student drop from your class.
  • If needed, please visit with the interpreter before or after class. It is difficult for interpreters to be included in discussions while they are working.