Call for Presentations

Call for LMS Preconference Presentations

The call for proposals is an open one. The steering committee invites participants to propose on any number of topics.

  • Ever go through a process to select an LMS?  Ever stand one up at your institution of higher education or K12 institution?
  • Ever set up learning sequences on an LMS?
  • Any instructional design insights for building learning on LMSes?
  • Creative uses of LMS data portal data, such as to improve learning?
  • How about experiences inheriting reusable learning objects (RLOs) to use in LMSes?
  • Build any of your own learning objects for use on an LMS?
  • Ever built any apps for an LMS?
  • Any unique non-educational uses of LMSes?
  • Ever conduct forensics on an LMS?

Deadline for the presentation submissions is April 30, 2017. Final decisions will be sent out by May12, 2017. If you have additional questions, please email Brian Dye at

Again, the link for the presentation proposals is as follows:

Event:  Inaugural LMS Pre-Conference (for SIDLIT 2017)

Highlight:  A culminating panel discussion about LMSes hosted by Scott Finkeldei (Kansas State University)

Date:  August 2, from 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (with a no-host SIDLIT Social* afterwards–see below)

Place:  Johnson County Community College, Co-Lab, in the Office and Classroom Building (OCB)

Cost:  $10 to include all LMS Preconference events and light snacks (This event is separate from the SIDLIT 2017 event, which costs an additional $56.  This latter event runs Aug. 3 – 4.)

Where is the Co-Lab at JCCC?  






SIDLIT Social*

Want to network, meet new friends, and have some fun?  Well, we have just the event for you…the SIDLIT Social.  Held conveniently after SIDLIT’s LMS Pre-Conference at Granite City Food & Brewery.  At just three miles from the conference, how can you resist!  Don’t forget to RSVP at the link below.