SIDLIT Archive

2016 Archive Presentations

Jonathan Bacon
Johnson County Community College
Living in a World of Hackers, Phishing, Scams and SPAM
Desiree DePriest
Kaplan University
Quantum Teaming: How to Create a Virtual Internship to Provide Online Students with Real-world Experience
Deborah Taylor
Kansas City Kansas Community College
Activities, Assignments, and Design Tools to Promote Self-regulated Learning in Online Classes
Ayyoub Ajmi
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Cutting Time, Not Corners: Rapid Prototyping in Instructional Design
Joelle Pitts
Kansas State University
Docu-Minutes: 60 second Documentaries
Robert Carlson
Butler Community College
High Tech Plus High Touch
Ann Lindbloom
University of Kansas
Incorporating Active Learning when You Feel More Like Ant Man than the Hulk
Linda Merillat & Jeanne Cataznzaro
Washburn University
Streamline Quality Matters Review with Standardized Templates
Brent Auders
Kansas State University
Video to Enhance Face-to-Face or Presence and Interaction
Kendra Barker
University of Missouri – Kansas City
Going from Quality Learning Objectives to Quality Assessments
Julie Hartwell & Heather Healy
University of Kansas Medical Center
Static Course Modules? ZAP! Librarians Create Interactive Online Lessons
Rebecca Gould & Cathy Rodriguez
Kansas State University
Zooming IT
Terri Summey
Emporia State University
#DearNextPresident: Passionate student engagement
David Martin, Norbert Belz, Nellie Modaress
University of Kansas Medical Center
Minimizing Student Frustration While Maximizing Faculty Satisfaction using Simple Course Design
April Robbs
Ottawa University
Save the Day with VoiceThread!
Kellen Doden, Kim Glover, Ann Lindbloom,
E-Lu Chen
University of Kansas
Design Daredevils: Sharing Design Solutions to Overcome Online Learning Obstacles
Megan Taylor
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Integrating Technology & Tools: Winning over the Tech Resisters and Tech Timid
Kaltura State of Video in Education (An Overview: Why should I use video, and how can I do this practically?)
Mark Summey & Terri Summey
Emporia State University
Waiter! There’s a Librarian in my Course!
Cindy Higgins Mapping with Time: BackStory and Beyond
Heather Healy & Julie Hartwell
University of Kansas Medical Center
Presentation Power: Be an Agent of Ethical Image Use!
Megan Taylor
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Raise your Cards – A look at Plickers in an Adult Learning Environment
Joe Ascensio, Renee Hewitt, Karna Younger
University of Kansas
Tech with a Twist: Utilizing Recording software such as Microsoft Mix and Adobe Captivate to Flip your Classroom
Mark Maxwell
University of Missouri – Kansas City
Which LMS is the Best? Pros and Cons of Blackboard, D2L, and Canvas.