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Dear Ledger,

After reading the current issue, I felt that the issue surrounding the custodial department needed clarifying.

At the latest meeting that the administration had with the custodial department, the administration explained the 2 options that will be going to the board on the 20th of October.

Option one is outsourcing. 5 companies have submitted bids. Should the board choose outsourcing, they will give the custodians about 2 months while the administration handles the transition before the custodian positions are terminated. During the 2 months of transition, the current custodial staff will be allowed to interview for positions with the new company. The current custodians do NOT have guaranteed positions with the new company. Should a custodian get a position with the new company, he/she will take a 40% pay cut (some will take a bigger cut) and either a serious reduction in benefits or none at all depending on the company that is selected. Exact details of that transition period are still mostly unclear since no decision has been made yet.

Option 2 is to take the 700k-800k in budget reductions the custodial department has be able to identify, and keep the current staffing levels where they are. Which may meet the minimum industry standards, but do not meet the standards JCCC and the custodial department has maintained for many years.

These two options were explained to the custodial department on the 28th of Sept.

The reason so many have sought retirement is they were worried they were going to lose their jobs before they could retire. Losing years of accrued retirement benefits. So, many chose to retire that could.

We all understand tough economic times, budget cuts, and sacrifices. With that said, and with all due respect, how can the highest paid accept raises at the same time they tell the lowest paid they make to much money?

Concerned employee/ JOCO taxpayer


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