Cost of health: Company offers cheap health care to students


By Rachel Luchmun

Healthcare Cost Revolution (HCCR), a health care insurance alternative, aims at stopping struggles over affordable healthcare. A free trial offer is available for students of the college.

Healthcare Cost Revolution’s self-stated mission is to “make health care more accessible and affordable for everyone.”

Gus Kowalski, director of Marketing at Healthcare Cost Revolution, said members of HCCR benefit from Medicare and Medicaid pricing.

“There are two costs associated with a visit to a doctor: what the doctor’s fee will be, and what the insurance will pay,” Kowalski said. “It is because of these high costs that people are afraid to go see a doctor. They go once and don’t want to go back.”

HCCR has partnered with College Park Family Care for health care provision and Auburn Pharmacies for drugs, both generic and prescription. HCCR members will get Medicare and Medicaid pricing at those places, provided they pay cash. HCCR does not cover catastrophic events, as it is not an insurance policy.

“Our aim is to get people to take preventative care,” Kowalski said.

HCCR offers any student of the college a free trial offer for six months. If the student wishes to remain a member beyond the six-month period, the membership premium is $30 per year.

“We are offering our services free for students to try out,” Kowalski said. “You are not paying anything – how wrong can you go with trying?”

Student Charles Ruiz already has insurance through his mother’s job. He said the offer would be interesting if he had to provide for his health care himself.

“I guess I would try [HCCR],” Ruiz said. “I would take whatever I could get. I would want to know the fine print and the details though, even though I’d like to be optimistic about it.”

Student Jake Helliker also currently has insurance but said he would be interested.

“It sounds like a good deal,” Helliker said. “I would want to read more into it, find out how do they even do that? Where is the money coming from? It sounds good on paper, but feels too good to be true.”

Students interested in this offer should register at and input the code: HCCRFT. More information is also available on the website.

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