Assistant basketball coach’s insensitive comment under scrutiny


Winnetonka High School basketball coach and JCCC men’s basketball assistant coach Derek Howard was placed on paid administrative leave this week following an allegation for racial harassment. Currently under investigation with the North Kansas City Schools, Howard was accused following an interaction he had with members of his Winnetonka basketball team.

Senior Marcus Williams Jr. is in the process of filing a Racial Harassment Complaint with the school district on the subject, saying Howard confronted him multiple times over the past two years dealing with racial slandering.

Williams Jr. was able to capture Howard on camera recently, catching the coach saying with emphasis, “Future welfare recipient.” Williams then questions Howard saying, “Who?” Howard responds with, “Students who don’t get good grades.”

North Kansas City Schools Assistant Superintendent Dan Clemens is looking into the case, telling students and family that the issue will be handled according to board policy.

A full article will follow in Issue 8 of the Ledger.

Compiled by Dillan Straight.


  1. There have never been any sexual allegations. That statement is 100% inaccurate. Please make that correction ASAP before held liable. Thanks

    • You’re absolutely right. Correction made. Thank you so much for pointing that out very quickly, and we apologize for our mistake.

      -Rachel Kimbrough, editor-in-chief

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