Letter to the editor


We commend Rachel Kimbrough for asking a “big dude” to walk her to her car at the end of a late production night, as she mentioned in her column in the previous issue of the Campus Ledger. She’s wise to take precautions.

However, we hope that she – and all other JCCC students – realize that JCCC Police are happy to provide such services to students, faculty and staff who find themselves on campus late at night. We encourage people not to linger past the 11 p.m. closing hour, but when that’s not possible, we’re here to help.

JCCC Police continuously monitor all the parking lots, including the garages to the east and west of the Carlsen Center and the Parking Garage at Galileo’s Garden. And that isn’t the only step we take to keep our campus community safe. We continuously update the college’s emergency response plan and provide training and exercise for police officers and the building emergency leaders. Officers patrol beats on campus, keep an eye on campus events, and monitor the cameras that provide coverage of critical areas on campus, particularly doors and walkways. The code-blue phones in the parking lots are there for emergency purposes, as are duress alarms in strategic locations for money and crowd control. You can find more information as well as safety tips on the JCCC Police web pages, http://www.jccc.edu/administration/police/.

Please know that the JCCC Police are always concerned with safety and security of JCCC students, faculty and staff.


Jerry Wolfskill
Associate Vice President, Public Safety


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