WEB-EXCLUSIVE Letter to the editor: Affordable Healthcare for the Uninsured


To the Editor:

The officers of Healthcare Cost Revolution, (HCCR), would like to thank Campus Ledger and Rachel Luchmun for the story about our company. It was a noteworthy article about a local business intending to help those without healthcare insurance afford healthcare. We hope more students take advantage of our free membership offer.

It should be noted that our program is designed so that those JCCC students who are in the unfortunate situation of not having health insurance can afford high quality and necessary healthcare. The physicians in our network are the very same healthcare professionals one would see if he or she had the best insurance available—only the cost amounts to 30 to 60% of what’s normally charged.

Being that we are in the cold and flu season, it should be noted that seeing a doctor and getting a prescription should run between $44 to $78, with the difference being the severity of the illness or the care necessary to alleviate it. There are no premiums or other charges associated with these prices.

The objective of the program is to help those people who don’t have health insurance realize that they can afford necessary healthcare provided they pay for, or make arrangements to pay for, services at the time they are received. For a usually healthy person, annual healthcare expenses under the auspices of our program normally amount to less than 10% of a year’s worth of health insurance premiums for identical care.

For further information we suggest visiting our web site: www.healthcarecostrevolution.org. We believe any and all questions could be answered by what’s posted.

As for the free offer to JCCC students, upon registering, all that is needed is to input, HCCRFT as the coupon code and the membership is free. Registrants won’t need to input any financial information at all. It’s that clean and easy.

Our mission at HCCR is to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for those without insurance, and we’d like to thank everyone at the Campus Ledger for helping us attain that goal.


Gus Kowalski
Director of Marketing
Healthcare Cost Revolution


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