1. ARE YOU FOR REAL? The Bison symbol is ok, but the powers that be should have put the graphic design students to work on this for better results! They would have taken pride in creating something that we all could like with and at a time when the college is so worried about spending money? How much will all this cost us all? What about syncing everything up – (colors for uniforms and logos for all teams and changing everything – did they even think about this?) This is a huge waste of money!!!
    The graphic design program is suppose to be an award winning program – so why didn’t they save the money and use that avenue? This Bison is hideous looking (looks like a version of TEEN WOLF on fire) and the colors are all wrong! I do not understand how educated people can make such bad choices and then use “we don’t have the money to hire people or we are cutting back… blah blah blah – but then waste money in this way! How very frustrating for the community!

  2. Is this for real? Why did the campus spend the money when there is a graphic design program on campus. If it was given to this department, I think there would be a lot better design for FREE than what is shown here. The Bison? Really? More pride would have gone into the project than this. That 120K could have gone to better causes on campus.

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