Thank you, Rachel Kimbrough


By Mackenzie Clark

I am saddened to report that the Ledger’s editor-in-chief, Rachel Kimbrough, has recently chosen to resign.

In her time at the Ledger, Kim­brough covered articles with crucial information for the student body. As editor-in-chief, she was extremely helpful to her staff under all circum­stances. As our leader, she guided us in our progression as student journalists and taught us how to improve our writing, photography, design, and personal character. She was also instrumental in begin­ning the convergence process in the Student News Center.

Despite the many challenges she faced, Kimbrough always held to her personal convictions and profes­sional journalistic standards, and helped her staff to do the same. The staff would like to thank her for her support and flexibility while she was with us. She understood the demands and distractions of college life but never wavered from her commitment to uphold a high-qual­ity publication, and encouraged all of us to follow her shining example. She handled the many pressures of her job with elegance and grace.

I have been appointed in her stead and intend to uphold the high standards set by my predecessor. The Ledger will continue to report on the facts and changes that occur on campus in a fair and balanced manner. We will also continue to share our personal opinions in our staff editorials and columns, and welcome all feedback from our readers.

As the new editor-in-chief, I plan to expand our coverage to include a wider spectrum and more variety. I intend to guide the staff toward more convergence with our media affiliates, JCAV and ECAV, in order to produce full news packages. Our readers can expect more online-exclusive pieces and breaking news coverage. I would also appreciate more reader feedback via letters to the editor, comments on our online site ( and on the Ledger’s Facebook page (­pusLedger).

Thank you, Rachel, for everything you’ve done for us. We wish you nothing but the best, and you will be sorely missed. Your legacy will not be forgotten. We are all better journalists after working with you, and I can only hope to live up to your example.

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  1. Unfortunately, Rachel Kimbrough was NOT extremely helpful to her staff under all circumstances, nor did she teach her staff how to improve their personal character. In truth, Kimbrough was a bullying mean girl who was BFFs with the “Ledger” faculty adviser. While I was on the “Ledger” staff, I felt I couldn’t complain to the adviser about her behavior because the two of them were so close.
    I sincerely hope Mackenzie Clark will break Kimbrough’s tradition of bullying and making fun of the “Ledger” staff. Otherwise, I fear for the future of the JCCC journalism program.

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