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“Tim Owens: A RINO and a Coward.”

I have known Senator Owens for the better part of the past four years. I have had many-a-conversation with him; most which sent red flags straight up into the sky. Senator Owens may be registered as a Republican but he votes to the left of most Kansas Democrats in the state legislature. He’s voted, repeat­edly, against Conceal and Carry; he’s voted against, on numerous occasions, capital punishment stating that it seems hypocritical for Republicans to want the death penalty for murderers, but to be against the unethical killing of the innocent unborn through abortions. Last year he voted against Secretary of State Kobach’s resolution which would require all voters to present valid ID at the voting polls, which would help to cut down on voter fraud. He’s voted in favor of raising personal income taxes on ALL Kansans, and he’s refused to al­low conservative legislation that would limit his powers in the committees he runs.

Last month he presented and spon­sored at least two proposals for the Senate Redistricting Maps (Bison 12c and Buffalo 1) which gerrymander his opponent, Representative Greg Smith (R-22), out of Senate District 8, both Smith’s and Owens’ current district, by no more than 8 houses and no less than 3. Bison 12c puts Smith inside the district belonging to Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, a strong fiscal conserva­tive. During the hearings for the Senate Redistricting Committee, in which Senator Owens is in charge of, Repre­sentative Smith was allowed to testify against Owens’ proposals; Owens’ would not hear what Representative Smith had to say stating, “…this is not a political debate…” Owens has also tried to downplay his proposals as “starting points for discussion,” but they are clear attempts to remove a vital threat to his “God-like” powers he possesses.

Besides fearing the strong opposition of a true conservative, Senator Owens fears his constituency, and on several accounts. In March 2011, Owens’ held a town hall meeting, which he packed with members of the local teacher’s union and other individuals which would help him prevent any conser­vative from bringing forth ideas and concerns that he didn’t want to hear. At that town hall he went on a two-hour rant of his leftist ideas on the US Con­stitution and anti-conservative agenda, using his career in the Army as valida­tion. It wasn’t until concerned citizen Nancy Hanrahan, along with Repre­sentative Smith and wife Missey Smith, backed by several others, took over the town hall to talk about an issue, which Mrs. Hanrahan had talked about in an email with Senator Owens a few days prior–the town hall was also guarded by police who had been tipped off about a possible violent outbreak, which never happened.

Another case where Senator Owens has shown fear of his constituency is during the 2011 Overland Park Parade where he spent $200 to put an entry in the parade. In the Dodge Challenger which carried his wife sat the cardboard cutout that sits in his JCCC office wear­ing his green and gold vest. What kind of ego problems does one have to have to make a life-sized cardboard cutout of one’s self? He didn’t even show up himself! Is he ashamed? NO! Sena­tor Owens is a coward: a Republican In Name Only, a Gerrymanderer, and a self-proclaimed “Happy little RINO.”

Alex Abramovitz

Editor and chief, The Final Revolution: Shawnee Mission’s Conservative Editorial


The Ledger‘s article about Sen.  Tim Owens:



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