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“Jesus Torres”

This is a sad story about a young man that is being deported to Mexico.  There are a few things that are strange about this article.  Why hadn’t this young man of 21  made the effort to become legal?  His parents had completed the requirements and must have told him that he needed to do the same.  Why was he driving around with a Mexican driver’s license?   His comment was that he had been in the United States since the age of six.  Why would he have gone  to the effort of getting the Mexican license?  Was he working?  Had he bothered to get a social security number?  There are far too many people that take advantage of the loop holes in the system to live in the USA without paying their does.  Make the effort to become legal.  It takes more effort to avoid becoming legal that not to.  Be proud of your country……….stop avoiding it.  If you prefer being a Mexican, then move there and stay.  If you want to live  in the USA, make the effort to become an American.  I hear far too many people saying that America is not making an effort to give them everything that they think they deserve.  Get off you butts and make an effort to change things.  Let these people go back to their own countries and see how far that attitude gets them.  Maybe we need to deport more illegals to get the message across.  I feel sorry for this young person but it doesn’t seem to me that he made an effort.  There are many people living in America that have done the right thing and are following the rules.  Please get with the program or go home.

-Donald Lee



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