BREAKING: Board of Trustees approves changing location of new Culinary building


By Mackenzie Clark

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to change the planned location of the new Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center to the east side of campus at the monthly meeting this evening. This decision will add $1 million to the cost, bringing the total projected expense to $13 million.

The original location toward the west side of campus would not allow for clear visibility of the building, according to several trustees’ statements during discussion of the matter. The additional $1 million in cost is due to “rock problems,” said Trustee and Board Treasurer Bob Drummond, which is why the land had yet to be utilized.

“This program should be front of the house rather than back of the house,” said Trustee and Board Secretary Jerry Cook at the meeting.

Trustee Stephanie Sharp agreed.

“What I love about this particular location is how it accents our community outreach functions,” she said. “If you’re taking College [Boulevard] east toward Quivira [Road], what do you see? You see the farm, and you see the baseball fields, and you see the Carlsen Center, and as you come around the corner you see the Nerman and then you’ll see this building. Sustainability, music, modern art, culinary; I think those aren’t traditional things that people think of a community college for […] but I like the outreach that it shows, and how involved in this community we are, and how involved they are in us.”

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the building is set for 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 22. In regards to parking concerns, updates will come as they are made available.

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