Letter to the editor from Brandon Terry on ‘Reveling in drunken discord’


I read your article in the in the campus ledger, “Reveling in drunken discord”. I would just like to voice about some of the text you have used in the article. In one of your sentence’s in you opening paragraph you quoted the word’s “frat boy” as a stereotype based on bias of things you have heard about them. I being from a fraternity back ground did not like the use of the word. You used the word in a bashing form, with out listing the other things that go into fraternity life. They have many other that go into there daily life then “drinking” They all have some kind of charity’s that they support, they are usually the most involved in campus activities, and have usually the highest GPA’s on campus. So when you used the stereotype word of Frat is really hit home to effecting on how i could even read the article. If you want to write a paper about the abuse of alcohol, try just informing the students instead of bashing other people.


Brandon Terry, student


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