Letter to the editor from Graham MacCollum: “Columns on Affirmative Action and the failure of the Obama presidency”


Just read your column from 9/6/12 on affirmative action. It’s not often I see someone your age able to see the truth/facts through the fog of affirmative action policies—especially someone on a college campus. Although I think many of the principles of affirmative action were/are well-intentioned, what has been unleashed over the years has often resulted in perverse incentives for minorities and disincentives for “non-affirmative” individuals. Instead, let’s go back to the old idea of evaluating people based on their accomplishments, abilities, and potential.

Also, regarding your column on the failure of the Obama presidency, I am in agreement with you. Any other president – especially one with an R after his or her name – would be held to a much higher standard by the mainstream/lamestream media than Obama has been. High unemployment for a record period of time, record deficits, an unpopular health care plan, slow economic growth, and record high prices for gasoline are just some of the issues the major media would be hammering any other president over. If this is as good as it gets with President Obama, it really is time to move on with someone else. As a bonus, maybe then the media will get their “mojo” back and hold the new president accountable.

Keep up the good work.

-Graham MacCallum, JCCC community member


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