Web-exclusive Sports Column: KC will beat Tampa Bay – but at what cost?


By James Russell

No one reads what I write. Whether in print or online, no one reads these words.

I get that.

But I still want to date-stamp what I think is about to happen tomorrow, if for no other reason than to be sure that it’s written somewhere.

Cassel hatred reached a crescendo last Sunday with KC ‘fans’ cheering an injury to our starting quarterback. You cheered, Kansas City – for what turned out to be a concussion to your team’s leader. It wasn’t the entire stadium, granted, but I’m sick of so many people pretending like it was a small minority.

The sheep-like mindset of KC fans has led us to follow along with whatever we’re told we should think, and what we’ve been told to think is that Matt Cassel is somehow responsible for the awful start to this season.


Is that a vulgar way to state what I think? If so, I apologize. But you know what, I know no other way to make clear how much I disagree with what we have become as Chiefs fans, so I’m going to say it again:

Bullshit, KC fans. You have made me ashamed to be counted among you.

But this is not my main point, just my frustration.

What I am writing my first online-exclusive content for is to state what I believe happens tomorrow against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so that if I’m right, it’s proof and if I’m wrong then it is likewise proof that I was wrong.

Kansas City faces a pass defense against the Bucs that we should dominate. I am not only calling for a win tomorrow, but a definitive one. The Cassel haters will have a field day as Quinn will take advantage of that, and we will decimate a team that is not equal to us. “We were right,” will be the order of the day, with everyone believing that tomorrow’s game proves Cassel is crap.

I can’t help but want us to win, and I believe we will. But the negative to this is that Quinn will do well against a team that can’t defend the pass, and thus he will become a hero based on a game that is not a fair representation of his abilities.

If Quinn is our future, great. I don’t believe that to be the case, but I’d be thrilled if he became the next Manning.  I only want KC to win, and I remain vigilant in the opinion that we are one of the most talented teams to be playing in the NFL currently. My issue is that I am worried about management listening to a bunch of idiot fans instead of looking at facts, and I hope they are better than that.

When you see Kansas City win against Tampa Bay tomorrow, please extricate yourself from the mob-mentality that is a current fact in KC, and understand that Quinn should not be compared in this particular game to what Cassel would have done against the same defense.

I hope Cassel is back following our bye week, and that he can prove himself to be the deserved starter. If Quinn performs admirably, I would love to see that be something that provides competition for Cassel and pushes him.

But I will continue to stand behind the statement that Cassel is the best QB on our roster and that all those who think otherwise are blinded fools committed only to following the masses, not what is best for our team.

Go Chiefs!

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  1. Pathetic article. You don’t know football. I can clearly tell you have never played. Cassel lacks athletism. He can’t extend plays nor make them. His arm strength is the weakest in the NFL, he’s not accurate, and he is slow. Plus, he’s a turnover machine. If you don’t think we could have won more games with Atleast an average QB, then your stubborn and and simply just a Matt Cassel fan. Nothing more. Open your eyes. This team is talented, except for the most important position. Recognize athletism. Cassel had none.

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