Sports Column: What’s this doing on my lawn again?


By James Russell

Well, Cassel, you did it to us again.

Obviously this isn’t really the case, but I’m sure some of the “It’s All Cassel’s Fault”ians are capable of finding some way to make it so.

I don’t have the energy for this. One more blowout loss for my beloved team, and one more week without a reason why. One more game that I am glad to have at least partially washed out in the fog of game day hangover.

Everything I’ve believed about the Kansas City Chiefs is apparently wrong. Saying we have the talent to do great is an argument I stand behind, but the words themselves are beginning to burn like bile within my mouth.

If the talent’s there, then where is the proof?

So it all goes back to coaching, right? In my opinion it has to, but those words are just as unpleasant upon my tongue.

I don’t want to diagnose our maladies or figure out the cure. I’m lost. I’m confused. I don’t understand what’s happened, and the truth is no one in Kansas City outside of the Chiefs locker room has even the slightest chance of knowing for sure.

We are in the middle of what seems to be a complete disintegration of what has been termed a “building process” since 2009. Something is so wrong, so deeply wrong, with this team, that I want to simply curl up, go to sleep and ask someone to wake me the next time we make the playoffs.

My fear, of course, is that I’d be pulled out of my slumber to find a world in which cars zip around without any need for wheels and all those I hold dear would have long since passed on from old age.

This is my frustration talking, of course. We’ll make it there soon enough. Hell, it could technically still be this season for all I know.

I’m just sick of seeing what I’m seeing and not being offered any type of explanation from management. I don’t want Crennel to tell me once again that he’s not sure what the problem is.

Dammit, man, you’re the head coach for a reason!

Pioli, stop letting your guy leave these piles of crap on my lawn! If he can’t deal with it, then demote him back to where he was and find someone else to walk your dog!

I’m getting really sick of stepping in it every Sunday.

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