Staff Editorial: A call to any action


The apathy on this campus is widespread. We at The Campus Ledger have had a very difficult time recruiting staff, and we’re not the only ones.

There are organizations to suit a wide variety of interest groups, yet many of them suffer from low membership.

The Athletics department struggles with low game attendance and lack of involvement, hence the introduction of the new school mascot, Jean Claude the Cavalier.

Some students aren’t aware of the new mascot or that there is a library on campus; between the walks from their cars to class and back to their cars they’ve missed an entire building. We personally find many students who don’t know they have access to a student-run newspaper, television station and online radio station.

Classmates, we call upon you to become more involved in this campus. Even if you will only be here for a year or two, this is your community for the time being. Why shouldn’t you care about what’s going on?

A quick glance around campus can inform you of new opportunities: club meetings to attend, contests in which to participate and endless fliers which wallpaper the hallways advertising special events. The outdoor courtyard and COM Plaza host spectacles of all kind, from solo guitar players to salsa dancing and more.

If you’re a shy, reserved person, here’s a tip: everyone wants you to join their cause, whether it be a club, a department or any other social group on campus. We all want to see our fellow students interested in our passions.

Even if the social scene isn’t for you, there is a plethora of resources on campus available to all students.

Those who struggle with classes or personal issues may not be aware of the outlets available to help them – for example, the Academic Achievement Center (OCB 304) and the Student Success Center (SC second floor). One of many ways to further develop your leadership skills is to attend Cavalier Leadership Development Program sessions. (Visit SC 106 for more information.)

Home games are scheduled on campus almost every day in the coming week for Men’s Basketball, Soccer and Baseball and Women’s Volleyball and Soccer. Their schedules are all available online at

You hold in your hands a resource which we thank you for discovering. We at The Ledger strive to do our best to inform you but even if we didn’t have trouble filling our staff, there would be things we miss. This is why it’s important to stay involved and informed of what’s happening on your campus; in your community.

If nowhere else, start with the college’s website. It is host to a wealth of information that may benefit you or someone you know, all available at the touch of a button. But remember, there’s more to life than the page that appears before you click “Login.”

We will continue to provide you the best information we can, but the fact that you’re reading this means you’re not exactly the demographic we’re aiming for. Reach out to your friends who don’t read The Ledger and get them to join the cause of doing something.

Don’t be the walking dead, Cavaliers. It’s time to join the living.


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