Column: Go vote! …if you know what you’re voting for


By Tasha Cook

Amidst all the talk of voting and elections and officials and presidents and binders, I have honestly done nothing but gotten lost in the shuffle of all this hoopla (except the binders – curiosity drove me to Google that one).

I have nothing against politics, corruption aside; I just have no real interest in them and therefore don’t know a lot about them. I’ll admit that. With that being said, I am most likely not going to vote this year.

Everyone, everywhere, seems to be pushing everyone else to vote, regardless of any circumstances or education. Go vote, make yourself heard, voice your opinion, or don’t complain in the years to come about who is in office or their decisions. It’s not that I’m against voting, or that I refuse, or that I literally don’t care that much.

I do care. I care enough not to vote, because I know I don’t know enough about politics to make a truly educated decision on who I’m voting for. Of course this year, I feel like we’re voting for the lesser of two evils, so that doesn’t help my decision.

But honestly, most of my opinion even in that matter is probably based off of hearsay and outside influences. I haven’t personally researched either Romney or Obama to find out the raw truth. If I did I might like them even less, or I might surprise myself.

Not to mention all of the other voting you’re required to do, locally and nationally, just to vote for the presidential race. If I don’t know enough about the presidential candidates, how will I know enough about any of those other much less talked about positions?

This is all aside from the fact I believe my own personal vote doesn’t count that much (between the millions voting and the supposed corruption with the voting system), so I’m not too worried about being one person amongst the masses to not stand in line on Nov. 7.

I’m not discouraging anyone from voting. I’m only saying that perhaps those who are not as educated in the realm of politics, such as myself, should think twice before making their opinion heard.

Then again, who am I to say? Everyone has the right to vote, and I think that’s completely fair. I just know that as confused and nonplussed as politics and elections make me, I don’t feel too bad refraining from throwing my uneducated guess into the mix.

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