Campus star watch: Q&A with Christian Hildebrandt


Top scorer Christian Hildebrandt leads team to Regionals

By Mac Moore

Sophomore forward Christian Hildebrandt is the leading scorer for the Cavaliers this season. Despite a 10-20 record heading into regionals, Hildebrandt averages 17 points and more than six rebounds on the year.

Cavaliers forward Christian Hildebrandt attempts a guarded jumper. Photo by Daniel De Zamacona
Cavaliers forward Christian Hildebrandt attempts a guarded jumper. Photo by Daniel De Zamacona

As top returning scorer from last season, Hildebrandt knew he would have to take on a leadership role for this team and bore a large load for this squad. Hildebrandt is the 11th player in school history to score 1,000 points in his career.

Q: How do you feel about your performance and the team’s performance this season?
A: My performance, I always feel like I can do better. I feel like my performance has been alright but there have been so many close games. I feel like I could have made a difference in those games. As far as the team goes, I feel like we’ve done okay but like I said, there were so many close games that we could have done something different. There were times we played really well and that’s what I’m hoping to see in these later games.

Q: Biggest highlight?
A: Probably my 32 point performance against Labette at home.

Q: How excited are you for Regionals?
A: I’m very excited. It’s win or go home. Moments like that always get me excited because in the past I’ve always had pretty good success in those situations. So I’m pretty excited to see how our team will play, hopefully have another good run.

Q: Favorite artist?
A: My favorite artist might be The Weeknd.

Q: Favorite movie?
A: I just saw “Django” and really liked it, but my all-time favorite movie would be “Friday.”

Q: Dream vacation?
A: On this one Twitter page they have pictures of all these beautiful places on Earth, nice resorts and stuff. There is this one in particular, it’s like a bunch of villages, a bunch of huts and in the middle there is a big swimming pool, so you just swim around everywhere. I would like to go there.

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