Letter to the editor: Golden Girls overexposed on cover of Issue 10


Mackenzie [Clark],

We, a few students, were upset by the most recent issue of The Campus Ledger because of the over-exposure of the Golden Girls that was portrayed on the cover. It doesn’t make sense that there should be photographs of the drill team half-naked in the school paper, especially on the front page. You could at least have had photos of them in their uniforms. Not everyone feels that comfortable exposing their body that way, which detracts from our school being a ‘community’ college, which is something we pride ourselves on as a community college. We care for their well-being and dignity, and feel such images would make young women feel inadequate or insecure about themselves. The story is called “What it takes to be a golden girl”. Shouldn’t a golden girl understand her own worth?

Also, there are parents of young children here. This could be potentially harmful to any children who happen on campus (example: teen moms and the child care center). Furthermore, what does this tell the men on campus other than that women are to be treated for their external appearance only? Finally, we feel this is downright unprofessional for a newspaper. It would be one thing if this was a dance academy or a gym, but not a college.


Mary Khadivi, student
Abraham Khadivi, former student
Emily Bragdon, student
Jack Van Kirk, student
Madison Wasco, student
Peter Williams, former student
Kelsie Gartner, future student


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