Letter to the editor from Jack Van Kirk


Hannah [Davis],

I found your op-ed piece ignorant and intellectually dishonest. You say that ignorance fuels oppression, and yet your entire piece is intolerant, closed-minded, and dogmatic. The long and the short of your argument is that everyone who is against abortion and same-sex “marriage” is a stupid, brainwashed bigot and chauvinist, and those of the opposite school of thought are freethinkers. Do you not see the irony of that? How dare I question your secular liberal doctrines! It’s a childish ad hominem that does nothing but shut down discussion.

To lump everyone who is against abortion in the same category as Todd Akin is intellectual dishonesty at its finest. I am pro-life, and I know Akin made a stupid comment. He admitted he was wrong, that he misspoke, and he apologized, so you can drop it. Instead, check out the March for Life (full of women our age), or Abby Johnson (a former Planned Parenthood director), or the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, former chairman of NARAL, both of whom became pro-life advocates. You will see the real face of the pro-life movement, not the straw-men Planned Parenthood and the media have been attacking since the 70’s.

As for LGBT activists, they just want to reduce everybody to their sexual orientation, ignoring all other aspects of the human person. Their in-your-face obnoxiousness is on par with the Westboro Baptist Church. And saying I can marry another dude is like saying I can make 2 plus 2 equal 5.

This is dangerous thinking when we say, “don’t like this, don’t do it”. It is a sign that we are moving towards a dictatorship of moral relativism. Ironically, this worldview claims nothing is absolute, but such a claim is a claim to an absolute truth. We need not worry about being oppressed by Big Brother. We need to worry about being oppressed by the ego, from becoming Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. True freedom is doing whatever we want, but in freely choosing what is right.

God bless,

Jack Van Kirk

JCCC student


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