Comparison: Division I vs. Community College athletics


Division 1 Schools 

• Most NCAA D1 programs are financially set up as entities separate from the college

• Usually a freshman/sophomore at a D1 will sit on the bench which sometimes can really stunt their growth and development

• If you choose to play baseball at a D1 school you have to wait until you are 21 to get drafted

• More pressure on success and failure on the court/field

•At D1 schools you usually have more of a fan base and more school spirit (example: Thousands of screaming fans at a KU basketball game)

• At D1 schools they have outfitting sponsors (like Adidas for shoes)

Community Colleges

•The JCCC athletic budget is part of the general financial fund

•Community colleges financial re-sources (for athletics) may be limited so they may have to fundraise

•Major advantage is you usually get to play right away

•Playing baseball at a community col-lege allows players to up their draft; they can play one year at JCCC and get drafted right away

•You get more second chances after making mistakes on the court/field

•There usually isn’t as large of a fan base and school spirit compared to D1 schools

Ben Conrad, head coach of JCCC women’s basketball, on comparing D1 school athletics and community college athletics:

“[They are] apples and oranges really; two totally different things you’re comparing. I really just think where you go is about what you’re ready for athletically, academically and socially. I know this for a fact though, I’ve ran into dozens of kids that went to a four year school and had major regrets about their decision. Many of those kids ended up here at Johnson playing for me their second year of school. On the flip side, rarely have we had a kid that comes to JCCC that regrets that decision. I think this is a special place and the junior college option in general is solid.”

Jim Dice and Carl Heinrich (head of the athletic dept.) were also consulted for this article.

Compiled by Olivia Fox, staff reporter, ofox@jccc. edu. 



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