Finding community


By Jessica Skaggs

While walking around c a m p u s on the first day, searching earnestly for my classes, I was struck by how little school spirit is present around here. Perhaps, I thought to myself, it’s just because I was new and hadn’t made any friends yet.

However, as the weeks have passed, it began to sink in that the little socialization and lack of campus involvement really is like this all the time. Except for that one day when there were tons of tables set up and a truck full of pizza.

So my question is, “Where is the school pride?”

I realized I was just as big of a part of the problem as everyone else.

Initially, I came to the college just to finish up my basics and save my parents a few bucks. I was just planning on finding a parking spot each day, going to my classes, keeping my head down, avoiding all eye-contact in the hallways, maybe getting a job and then going home.

But after a day of living “college life” like that, I found myself beyond discouraged.

As I was walking to my 8 a.m. class the next day, a fellow student did the most remarkable thing. She looked up and smiled at me. That was it. To this day I still have no idea who she is, but that was a turning point. It was then I knew that if I looked for it, I could find community here at the college.

I decided to make my college experience something more. I got involved. I sought out friendships.

Fellow Cavs, I urge you to do the same.

As the new managing editor of the Ledger, I not only look forward to writing the stories you have to tell, but also being in community with a fantastic group of staff members. I now am eager to continually make new friends both in and out of my classes.

Community can exist at this college for you too.

So don’t get stuck in a rut. Join a club. Go to a game. Throw a smile to a stranger, and maybe even say “hi.” You just may be surprised at the opportunities and friendships that you’ll find.

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