Cavalier star watch: Zoe Price

Photo by Mike Abell
Photo by Mike Abell

By Mac Moore

Returning sophomore pitcher Zoe Price hopes to lead the Lady Cavs softball team to a productive Spring 2014 campaign. Right now the team is finishing up a fall scrimmage schedule with a game against Wichita State University on Oct. 12 in Wichita, Kan. Price finished the Spring 2013 campaign with a 20-7 record and a 2.98 ERA. The team finished the season 35-13.

Team Goals:

We want to win conference and make nationals at the end of season. We use the spring to improve team chemistry. We just want to get everyone to gel so that we can play as one in the spring.

Personal Goals:

I guess I just want to top last season. Sometimes I feel pressured to do that, but I try to stay chill and not think about it too much. I would like to shutout every team I play this season.

Team strengths and weaknesses:

The defense is definitely one of our strengths. We have a tight defense that likes to get dirty and work together. I would say we need to work on confidence at the plate. The team just has to be more aggressive when hitting.

Favorite Movie:

The Fifth Element. I really like Bruce Willis and it’s just a really funny and ridiculous film.

Favorite Artist:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I really liked them growing up because my dad was really into them. The rest of the girls really get worked up listening to rap in warm-ups, but the Chili Peppers pump me up more.

Dream Job:

I guess my dream job would just be something in the corporate world, just any job in the big city. If I worked in a small cubicle in New York, it would be great. I don’t really care what the job is specifically.

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