Letter to the editor: Brown and Gold now Grey and Pray


Well isn’t this a fine kettle of fish? The once thriving, volunteer run, secular Brown and Gold Club has been has been folded into the Shepherd’s Center, an “interfaith, multicultural organization providing services to 1,200 people in Wyandotte County” according to their website.

Isn’t that just swell for we Johnson County seniors? B&G, once 4,500 strong, vibrant and growing, was destroyed by the lies and deceit of that ego-maniac Calaway who has taken his golden parachute and hopefully left town.

What this most illustrates is the quality of decision making by the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees. Worth remembering next time you vote.

In his state of the college speech, the new president stated he wanted JCCC to serve the “entire community.” Nice start Joe.

Ron Platt, Overland Park


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