Cavalier star watch: Courtney Hughes


star watch Q&AjpgFreshman Midfielder Courtney Hughes was named NJCAA Women’s Soccer player of the Week for Sept. 30- Oct. 6. Hughes scored five goals over the course of two victories. One of the games, a 7-2 win over Garden City, Hughes scored four goals, her third hat trick of the season. She leads the team with 25 goals on the season. The team is currently 14-2-1.

Team Goals:

Nationals. We’ll definitely be disappointed if we don’t make it to Florida.

Personal Goals:

I have to continue to be in better shape for next year. Other than that, I really just focus on doing whatever it takes to make my team better.

Team strengths and weaknesses:

We’re fast. Our weakness is we need to just get stronger.

Favorite Movie:

I love Toy Story, I’ve always loved it. I enjoy the whole series.

Favorite Artist:

Bruno Mars, I just enjoy everything he does.

Dream Job:

I want to be a doctor, like a surgeon but I don’t want to go to school for all those years.

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