Cavalier Star Watch: Dylan Wagenbaur


Sophomore Dylan Wagenbaur scored the icing goal in the first round  of the Region VI tournament. The team beat Allen Community College 4-1 on Nov. 3. That goal was Wagenbaur’s fourth of the season. He also leads the team in assists with nine.

Team Goals

Obviously make it into the tournament, make it to nationals if we can.

Personal Goals

Do whatever it takes to make this team win. School-wise I’m looking at physical therapy and transferring to KU.

Dream Job

Physical therapist

What distinguishes this team from others?

We are kind of under the radar. All the other teams have played big games, but we’ve lost to some bad teams. Everyone kind of just thinks we’ve had a couple good games, but I think we are more talented than some of our other games have shown.

Favorite Artist

I’d say right now Eminem, listening to the new album.

Team strengths and weaknesses

When we are working the ball around and possessing it, I don’t think we have a weakness. When we start trying to do things individually, that’s when we start having problems.

Favorite Movie

Dark Knight Rises

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