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Students showcase their musical projects

By Jessica Skaggs

The Monarchs is a local band that got their start about two and a half years ago performing one show a week at various locations around town. Now, with two albums released and a third one on the way, they perform every six weeks at places including Jackpot and Bottleneck.

“One of the shows that we had at the Bottleneck, it was May 4, 2013 and it was a Saturday night and it was a last minute show and we didn’t think that many people would show up,” bassist and student Nathaniel Greene said. “But like 200 people came out and we like to do a couple covers, like three covers a show, and during one of the covers at the show, we performed ‘By the Way’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the whole crowd was singing along.”

It was that show Greene considered to be one of the best performances so far.

“I mean I wish it was one of our songs,” he said, “but I’ll take anything I can get.”

In addition to Greene, Matt Wargin (drums) and Garrett Murdock (guitar) make up The Monarchs.

Although listed as a rock band, Greene likes to think of themselves as something more.

“My inspiration comes from, well I like to read Asian philosophy, and when I’m reading that’s where most of my writing comes from,” he said. “Musically though, [I’m inspired] all the time. I mean I’m inspired by things all around me. Just like someone tapping the counter can even inspire me, like the beat or something. And reviewers have said that if Led Zepplin, Radiohead and Madonna had a baby, that would be us.”

Their plans for the future are optimistic, as they have already gained the attention of 550 likes on Facebook, and bring out a crowd of about 100 to each show through word of mouth and handing out free copies of their CDs.

“We want to change the world with our music,” Greene said. “I think that music, well, Mozart has the quote that music has a higher power than anything written or said. Just playing one note brings a person memories, it takes them somewhere. And if one note can do that, then imagine what a song can do. “

The one thing Greene wants people to know about The Monarchs is that they have deep influences.

“There’s more to it than meets the eye,” he said. “I think it’s important to know that we have been doing this for three years and that we’re all three songwriters.”

The Monarchs second album, “Shadows of Our Time” was released last week, while their first album can be found on iTunes.

Article by Jessica Skaggs, managing editor,


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