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Campus Ledger staff positions for fall 2014 will soon be posted

By Stephen Cook

As you are reading this, the Campus Ledger staff has already begun work on issue 14, the s e c o n d – t o – l a s t paper for this semester.

The time has flown and soon our final issue — and my very last issue — will be printed and the Student News Center will break before returning in the fall.

In the coming weeks, Campus Ledger staff positions, including editor-in-chief, will be posted to jobs. under “Student”. If you have any interest in writing, photography, design or even sales and marketing, don’t hesitate to apply.

Being a part of the Campus Ledger has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have met some great people, done out-of-the-ordinary things, learned a lot about the campus and the world around me and grown a lot as an individual. There is no substitute for practical experience; working in a newsroom environment with others to meet deadlines isn’t something you can get out of a class.

Also, I know we at the Ledger seem to talk a lot about putting the “community” in community college. Through my time at the Ledger, I have been able to become more connected to the school and my peers. Since you are covering all sorts of news and events across campus, you begin to learn a little about everything going on. This is exciting, and is an experience you can’t gain from most other organizations and clubs on campus.

What I’m saying is that I highly recommend you apply as soon as possible.

After all, the worst thing that could happen is you look back with regret, wishing you would have at least applied.

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