Staff Editorial: College enrollment down, but not out


Campus community must come together to improve future outlook

Enrollment for the last few semesters has continued to decline drastically, but the story is starting to change. Only slightly.

For the upcoming fall semester, the college decided to open enrollment at 9 p.m. This was a much needed change and the Ledger staff applauds this move.

But more must be done, especially if this college wants to see a significant improvement.

Perhaps the college should take a page from major universities and be more persistent in getting students through the doors. Students are not allowed to forget about school when applying elsewhere, as emails and phone calls roll in as daily reminders of the next steps to become a Jayhawk, Shocker or Wildcat.

This college offers so much to this community. Be it resources, quality education and opportunities galore. But the well-intended broadcasting of what this college has to offer through thousands of handouts on expensive paper, and coloring the college website is no longer enough.

More must be done.

Reaching out with vigor to those who fail to complete the application process should be at the top of the priority list at the college.

Because that’s the thing. The college is becoming just another brick building to those on the outside, and while it is so much more to those who attend, the message needs rebranding. Once again.

The unfortunate common stereotype of junior colleges is that they are for losers, but every educational institution has losers, and the majority of the people here are anything but.

Students should make strides to eradicate this ridiculous stereotype and voice their ideas to Student Senate.

The problems facing the college are not unique, and not going to last forever. There are solutions, however, and if the college continues to encourage discussion amongst faculty and students on how to reach these solutions then we, as “one community,” are moving in the right direction.

While the college is moving in the right direction with balancing the budget and making enrollment changes, all members of this community must do their part to find a solution.

For the years to come, let us not forget that we are “one community” and that more can always be done.


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