A new chapter faces me with big expectations


Assuming a new position with familiar faces

Mike Abell

Working for The Campus Ledger over the past two semesters has been one of the best experiences I could have asked for. I can’t thank my fellow staff and advisor enough for teaching me valuable lessons. Who would have thought several strangers would come together to form a functional newspaper staff, and create 15 issues, no less? I wish the best of luck to all the staff members who aren’t returning. I am excited for the opportunities that await them.

There is a lot to be proud of besides my own improvements this year. I have learned so many things from the people that I have surrounded myself with. Everyone constantly challenged me to better myself as a writer and I have developed successfully because of it. The Campus Ledger won numerous awards this year because of our past and present staff members. However, the progress should never stop and I’ll always think of ways to improve this publication, while continuously valuing input I receive from my peers. I also look forward to hearing from you: the readers.

Being a part of The Campus Ledger is like being a farmer in the sense that our work is never over. That being said, I am going to be working diligently with my adviser this summer to prep myself for the upcoming year. The bar has been set high; my current editor-in-chief has done such a good job, but I know I am going to be a different kind of leader. Being the editor-in-chief doesn’t mean I have to be perfect when it comes down to every aspect. It means I have to get the best qualities out of everyone, myself included, in order to perform exceptionally as a team.

I will be the first photo editor to ever have become editor-in-chief, and despite there being people who might doubt my abilities, assuming I don’t take my responsibilities lightly, I could really care less about proving anything to anyone. The one thing on my mind is being a good leader, which is easier said than done.

My goal is to enhance the paper with a stronger online presence and that starts with hiring the right people who are not only qualified but also have the right attitudes. I am looking forward to next semester and every responsibility that comes along with my position.

Contact Mike Abell, photo editor, at mabell@jccc.edu.


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