Food Review: Brobecks Barbecue


By Stephen Cook

Nestled away amongst strip shops, Brobeck’s BBQ stands out when taste-tested, even if it is difficult to find.

Located off of Roe Ave. on Indian Creek Parkway, Brobeck’s serves everything Kansas City BBQ connoisseurs have come to know and love. Although the restaurant is located in south Overland Park, it is still an authentic KC BBQ experience.

Upon entering Brobeck’s, filled with the smell of smoked meats, friendly staff greet you and let you choose where you would like to sit.

Decorated with various BBQ-related memorabilia, the facility is on the small side, but is comfortable, nonetheless. The wait staff is attentive, conversational, often comical, and will leave you more than happy to tip well.

During this visit, I had a .-pound beef brisket sandwich, with a side of fries and an appetizer of ham salad and homemade potato chips.

I don’t always get appetizers when eating out — especially at a BBQ restaurant — but Brobeck’s ham salad is definitely worth it. Served in a bowl, the “salad” is perfect atop the seasoned, homemade chips. The chips are almost sweet, which is a perfect contrast to the ham’s saltiness.

Having purchased the .-pound sandwich before, I can attest that it is a lot of food. Since I began with an appetizer, and didn’t want to be miserable, I went ahead and got the .-pounder. Still, plenty of meat and plenty of taste.

Their wonderful beef brisket is sliced and free of fat. The sandwich is served dry, meaning there are no sauces already put on it from the kitchen. Brobeck’s has a “sauce bar” featuring a solid selection of sauces, including many local, well-known flavors, in addition to some original in-house creations. I prefer to mix both the Brobeck’s original (mild) and spicy sauces together.

The fries are sliced flat and are perfect for soaking up sauce as well as any bits of meat that have fallen out of the sandwich. If fries aren’t your thing, there are a number of other appetizers you can choose from, including their homemade chips, coleslaw, baked beans and cheesy corn.

Pricing is moderate and entirely reasonable for the meal you receive. My meal only cost $7.45 (not including a tip).

For the quality of food and service, I give Brobeck’s BBQ four out of five stars.

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