A New Beginning


By Mike Abell


This college is an ever-changing place and it’s The Campus Ledger’s duty to objectively present the facts. My staff and I are striving to create an effec­tive news outlet that not only produces a quality-driven print edition, but also an outstanding online edition. Be sure to check out our newly designed web site.

There are more students in atten­dance here than KU or K-State, and I think that says something. A look around campus will reveal a rich di­versity of students and faculty. I would like to turn over new leaves during my time here.

It seems there is always something going on here, it can be easy to go to class and go home though. I hope the students who read this will get in­volved, as it is beneficial to the college experience.

The Ledger has been an excellent experience for me, thus far. I have met people who I wouldn’t have otherwise. Being a student leader here on campus is wonderful. College is a place where most people go to learn how to become independent, and getting involve di­rectly correlates with that.

My personal goal is that anyone should be able to pick up a copy of The Ledger and have an understanding of what has been going on with their school. We are here to service you, the students. Constructive feedback will al­ways be welcomed. I tend to compare a journalist’s job to a farmer’s with the idea that our work is never over.

Moving forward, my team and I hope to maintain the integrity and quality that The Ledger has earned it’s reputation for. We will also keep you informed of every decision that is made at your school and administration.

I can’t wait for what this semester has in store. It is my hope that we can more online traffic to our website, so be sure to check that regularly. Thank you for reading and we will keep you posted!

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