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Women’s Soccer
Coming up just short of a qualifying bid for Nationals last year, the Cavaliers come into the season with high expecta­tions to knock down that door this time. Head Coach Jim Schwab wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We create that to get that environ­ment; I think we expect it every year.” Schwab said, “I wouldn’t want to coach where you don’t set your expectations very high.” The Cavs have six returning sophomores that are sure to play a big role in the season, including Brooklyn Meinke who says that squad has the po­tential to have a great year.

“We need to work on connecting with one another while we’re on the field,” said Meinke. “We got a lot of individual talent, I think we are going to be really good when we put that all together.”

“They’re athletic and they’ve got a great attitude,” Schwab said, “I would say we are more versatile than last year, we can play a lot of people a lot of dif­ferent positions.”

The Cavs opened up the season ranked 15th in the nation and a home win against Maple Woods College 2-0 and will travel to Dallas, Texas for a pair of games this weekend.

Men’s Soccer
The expectations are about as high as they have been for the men’s soccer team. This year with an opening season ranking of 20th in the nation and eight returning sophomores, the Cavs have big aspirations for the season.

“It’s good coming to practice and competing for starting positions every day,” said Sophomore Captain Bryce McClanahan, “With the team we have this year there is competition even for the 25th spot and I think that only helps the team grow.” For McClanahan the success of the team starts with doing the small things in practice every day.

“I think every day it’s about giving hundred and ten percent at practice and it will transfer over to game day.” Mc­Clanahan said, “The way we practice is the way we are going to play.” The Cavs are currently 2-1 and will travel to Dallas, Texas for a pair of games this weekend.

Cross Country
The Cavalier’s Cross Country team is gearing up for another season at the college. According to freshmen Colleen Russell practice is the key to improve and go where the squad wants to for the season.

“Take every practice serious, better ourselves in practice, and push our­selves in practice.” Russell said, “So in meets we will be ready for anything.” sophomore Luke Trieber hopes that his fellow sophomores will help show the freshmen the Cavalier way.

“Lead our freshmen in practice and make them better so they can lead the kids next year.” Trieber said, “They are willing to work hard and none of them are lazy.”

Compiled by James Howey


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