Staff Editorial: Change is the only constant


A new school year brings a plethora of transformations. Some faculty and staff retire and new hires take their place. A fresh crop of students arrive, some straight out of high school and some who’ve taken a long and winding road to arrive here. Students transfer, acquire full-time jobs, decide to take a break. It’s rare to see a familiar face in your classes. Change is the only constant, and at a community college that seems even more applicable.

But change brings with it opportuni­ty. College is a place where new oppor­tunities are never-ending and this college demonstrates that. Join clubs, sign up for classes, dive head-first into a subject or hobby out of your comfort zone or that you know nothing about. Habits are hard to break without a change in envi­ronment but now you’re in a new envi­ronment, reinventing yourself has never been easier.

Change is never easy, however, and our natural tendency is to cling to the familiar. But given enough time, the fa­miliar can become a rut to escape. Dur­ing these first few weeks of school, pay close attention to the life and character you are cultivating. College is the time to not only develop who you are, but it’s also the opportunity to explore who you could be.


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