Meet your Student Senate executives


secretary“I’ve been at the college since the Fall of 2012. A friend of mine invited me to one meeting [of student sen­ate], and after attending one meeting I thought it was something I wanted to be involved in.

My favorite part of Student Senate is the feeling that I am actively involved in decision making and shaping ideas from a student point of view that will actually be heard. I hope that during and after my service, myself and the rest of the senators will leave our mark or even improve on what is already a great senate body. My hope is that by the end of our terms in office, students will be more aware of who their sena­tors are and how they can use us to promote and encourage action on the issues that matter to them.

I try to connect with those around me by just listening. Most people have fascinating stories that I have been ex­posed to just by listening. Our campus is also very overwhelming for a first time attendee. Many people I have met and made connections with were new and probably just happy to have some­one to speak to.

The senate as a whole, has only just had our first meeting today. Many of the issues that need to be addressed have been internal and in prepara­tion for the upcoming weeks. I have no doubt many issues will arise, and I hope the work we have put in dur­ing the summer and up until now will stand us in good stead to face them.

I am an avid sports watcher, and I like to do that in my spare time. Soc­cer, Rugby and Cricket are my favorite sports. American sports are also grow­ing on me now though. I recently joined a fantasy league for the NFL and I won my first game! I love watching movies the only problem is I watch the same ones over and over, so my knowledge of them is impeccable, but not so much anything else. I’m from South Africa, hence my love for weird sports and I also enjoy reading and watching topi­cal news shows.”


vice-president“I’ve been attending the college since June of 2013. When I came to the school, I had received a position as a Student Activities Ambassador. I was fresh out of high school and I didn’t really know anyone or have any connections to the campus besides my job. One day, while I was working, I saw that at the front desk there was a stand that listed the executive board members for Student Senate. I thought it sounded cool, and gave it a try with some encouragement and help from my manager, John Ha­nysz.

I love that I have an opportunity to really make a difference and give back to the students and the community. I love it here so much and have come to appreciate the school, not only as a student, but also as a club member and employee. I’ve learned a lot, and I just want to give that experience and feeling to other as well.

This year, I aim to get more partici­pation on campus and help students make connections amongst each other, with other clubs, and outside of the col­lege with the community as well. I hope to help students establish relationships that’ll last beyond the walls of this cam­pus and assist them in their futures.”
We have addressed the issue of not being able to share our experiences enough, and also needing to build more relation­ships. Many students at the col­lege go to school then go home. There’s not much of a connec­tion established and we need to focus on that more this year, and work to help improve that.

I am majoring in Interna­tional Business and Entrepre­neurship. My hobbies include piano and flute. I’ve played pi­ano competitively for 12 years, and played flute in concert and marching band for a total of three years. Besides being Vice President of Student Sen­ate, I am the Secretary of Model United Nations [and] a mem­ber of International Club.”


treasurer“Hello, I’m Ricardo Aristiguieta. I’m an international student from Venezu­ela. I’ve been here at the college and the United States for about two years. I’m on the fourth semester of the Marketing and Management Program and I just added Ac­counting as second major. I joined Student Senate to give back to this college which is an awesome place to study. Students, fac­ulty and staff are really welcoming and I felt that I needed to give back to it.

My favorite part about Student Senate is hearing from the achievements of the clubs and organizations that we have helped go out and compete, learning about those stu­dents we have helped and the recognition they bring to the college. I hope that this year we can continue to help the college with the funds that are provided to us for that purpose.

I am always trying to help around the college. I try to learn people’s names and why they have come to the college or at the very least acknowledge that they are there and they exist; a smile and a hearty hello can change someone’s day. I am proud to have cooperated with other clubs and or­ganizations during the last academic year, especially helping the campus community through JCCC Gives.

I am a geek at heart; video games, books and TV are my thing, I know a bit about a lot of stuff, especially “Doctor Who,” “Star Wars” and “Dungeons and Dragons.”

I also hope to make it pos­sible for students to be able to rent technology so that they can have what they need but reduce their costs.

Affordability is an impor­tant aspect to students and we want to make it possible for them without sacrificing qual­ity or accessibility.


Compiled by Valerie Velikaya,

Photos by Gabe Alejos


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