Staff Editorial: Lingering thoughts surrounding the lockdown


It’s easy to say that the media over-hyped Thursday’s lockdown when nothing came to fruition, but that isn’t the point. Those who’ve lived through a school tragedy most likely wish everyday of their lives that their situation would’ve ended up like ours.

People should put their cynicism aside and be thankful for the fact that we have staff members like Officer Dan Robles who take every threat seriously. What could have escalated into a devastating incident was extin­guished by awareness and immedi­ate action. Thank you to Dan Robles, faculty, Overland Park Police Depart­ment, Kansas highway patrol and everyone else who put their lives at stake for the sake of this school. Your heroism will never be overlooked.

For all we know, the immediate at­tention of the Campus Police Depart­ment could have deterred the alleged suspect from discharging her weap­on. It’s disturbing to hear reports of instructors who put their syllabus ahead of their students and contin­ued lecturing during the lockdown. Have we learned nothing from the past few years?

With that surplus of ignorance set aside, it’s heart-warming to see that everyone came together when a cri­sis could have developed. Twitter and Facebook posts were through the roof as on and off-campus residents checked if others were alright; even popular student-run account
@JCCCProbs touched base – kudos to you guys.

We’d like to commemorate every­one’s receptiveness.

While it’s simple to complain that the college took this matter way too seriously, joking or not, it shouldn’t be taken for granted. The actions and words conveyed by everyone, campus-wide, displayed a whole lot of heart.

We shouldn’t criticize the media outlets, for what easily could have been another tragedy was a false alarm, and we need to give thanks to the faculty and staff for taking proper precautions.
Let’s be grateful that our family and friends are still with us and carry on; and never take advantage of one another.

The Ledger would like to add that if you see anything suspicious, please contact the Campus Police Depart­ment at 913-469-4476.


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