The player becomes the creator


Brandon Baker studies video game development at the college

By Francais Healy

When asked, many people will say their dream job would be making a ca­reer of what they enjoy doing in their free time. Brandon Baker is going to school to do just that.

“Growing up I played a lot of video games, and there was no other path I was set on going towards. When thinking of what to go for in college, I was thinking I like playing video games so I’m going to go for video game design,” Baker said.

Baker looks forward to someday be­ing on the other side of the creative pro­cess of video games. He is inspired by the games he grew up with, like “Jak and Daxter” or “Rachet and Clank”, and the games he loves.

“My favorite game of all time is prob­ably ‘Fallout 3’. I look for the more MMO type games to inspire me with their level design, quest design, and world build­ing,” Baker said.

When creating a game, Baker believes the subject matter should dictate how a game is designed.

“It depends on the genre. A lot of de­tail, good detail. Small little details. Like if you’re trying to make a dark, creepy, scary game then the lighting would be important,” said Baker.

One of Baker’s focuses is level design, and he aims to find what makes each lev­el enjoyable.

“A lot of the things we talk about in class is finding the fun,” said Baker. “I think immersion is the most important things to make a great game. If the player isn’t immersed in the game, they won’t find it fun. They won’t play it. ”

Even though Baker develops for PC in class, he aspires to develop for consoles later on. Despite the growing market for mobile and PC games, Baker thinks that consoles will continue to be at the fore­front of the industry.

“Developing for PC is generally easi­er, but I’m more of a fan of the console games, so I would much prefer to devel­op for consoles if I could,” Baker said.

In the future Baker hopes to be either a level or game designer for a big name developer.

“I’d like to work for a big compa­ny like Bethesda or Gearbox down in Texas, start as QA and move up to like a level designer or game de­signer.”

A few years from now, Baker could be creating something that mil­lions of people will play.


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