Cavalier Star Watch: Trae Hunjak


By James Howey

Photo by Kate Jacobsen
Photo by Kate Jacobsen

Despite the inconsistencies of the men’s soccer team this year, one bright spot has come in the play of freshmen for­ward Trae Hunjak. Hunjak leads the Cavs in goals this season with seven and is tied for first in assists with three. Hunjak has unfortunately missed the last two games with a sprained ankle, but is expected to be back Saturday at home against Allen Community College and the home finale against arch rival Kansas City Kansas Community College. The team currently has a 7-7-3 record overall, and 1-4-2 re­cord in the Jayhawk conference.

What does the team need to improve most on down the stretch of the season?
“Probably our communication on the field and knowing where to go and when to go. Whenever we get the ball on the at­tacking third I feel like we need to create more opportunities and more chances. I think taking more shots to. We need to take more shots as a team.”

What has it been like to have such an impact on the team as a freshman?
“I’ve enjoyed it a lot and it’s been fun to have an impact as a freshmen and score some goals. It is always fun to score goals.”

How have the sophomores helped you improve as a player through the season?
“I think just there leadership and keep­ing everyone together, because we have a very tight nit group of guys. Having seen them lead from an older perspective. I think that has helped me and helped the whole team and keeping us together and close.”

What has it been like to go from home schooling to this College?
“It’s been pretty good. I’ve gone to a public school before but a majority of my life I have been home schooled. It’s nice to see people every day.”

Who is your favorite athlete?
“Mesut Ozil. I really like him he is a great guy and a really creative left footed playmaker.”

What is your favorite food?
“I like Chipotle.”

What is your favorite movie?
“Probably “Remember The Titans”. I’ve seen it like so many times but I can watch it over and over again.”

Who is your favorite artist?

What would your dream job be?
“I think it would be awesome to play professional soccer. I would also like to be a missionary and do mission work at some time in my life. I’ve kind grown up around ministry in my family. I also want to be a PE teacher I think that would be really cool. I think it would be really cool if I could achieve all of them at a certain point in my life.”

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