Police Briefs


Student allegedly commits fraud

Dining service employees reported to campus police that a student was filling out Chick-Fil-A survey cards with incorrect validation codes to earn free chicken sandwiches.

The same dining services employee reported that the student had been getting vending machine refunds from different cashiers for the same ticket and had been doing so for a period of time.

They provided to campus police an activity log and the customer’s name, which was given to the dean of student services for further investigation.

Student caught stealing chicken

Food court employees reported a student had stolen a twelve pack of chicken nuggets by stashing them in his pants pocket.

When campus police arrived and were speaking with the employees regarding the incident, the suspect returned to the food court. He was escorted by an officer to the dean of student services.

Compiled by Christina Lieffring, news editor, clieffri@jccc.edu


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