Don Perkins to retire: Financial CFO looks to the future

By Forest Lassman

Photo courtesy of the college
Photo courtesy of the college

When Don Perkins retires at the end of January, it will be the end of a long career with the college.

Perkins had served as the associate vice president financial services/CFO for the college for 25 years.. In this role, Per­kins is responsible for the financial sol­vency of the college.

What brought Perkins to the college all those years ago partly came from his previous job.

He began work as an internal auditor for the school, but eventually rose up the ranks.

“Before I was a CPA, I was a teacher, so I was very familiar with the academic environment. I was very familiar with the CPA environment. Coming to the college gave me an opportunity to combine the two, and that’s worked out well,” Perkins said.

Perkins serves to keep the college in it’s budget.

“Don is a consonant professional,” said Barbra Larson, executive vice presi­dent of finance and administrative ser­vices. “He is the individual here at the college that knows the college’s finances inside and out.”

This knowledge is needed, as the col­lege is required by law to keep in budget. While knowing everything about the col­lege’s finance can seem overwhelming at first, Perkins feels happy with his ability.

“It’s not so bad if you know what you’re doing,” he said.

One of Perkins’ most proud accom­plishments with the college is helping create the five-year plan. With this, the college has been able to plan out its goals better.

Perkins says the thing he will miss the most is the people. His co-workers will also miss his understated and under­standing tone.

“He’s extremely calm and unflap­pable, and I think in a CFO, that’s very important,” said Larson.

Besides these qualities, Perkins will be remembered for his sharp and dry wit, and his trustworthness.

“He’s a gentleman, and I don’t think that that word gets used a lot these days, but he’s just someone that people trust a great deal [and] have benefited from his knowledge of finances. Knowing that he’s been in that position has given people a real sense of comfort,” said Larson.

After he leaves the college, Perkins plans to pursue his interests, such as woodworking. As a former choir teacher, Perkins loves singing and plans to volun­teer at his church.

A replacement for his position will be put forward later this month, and the college hopes to have their as yet unan­nounced candidate working by next se­mester. Perkins last day is Friday, Jan. 30th.



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