Staff Editorial: Voting for Board of Trustee members is an imperative action

The elections for the Board of Trustee and other school board members will take place on Tuesday, April 7. There are three out of seven board spots being voted on. Trustees Greg Musil and David A. Lind­strom will run again. Jon Stewart will not run again. Regardless, we’re getting at least one new board member.

It’s normal for people to encourage their peers to vote; you might hear it all the time and not think much of it. How­ever, voting on board members is prob­ably more relevant than ever.

Most people have their regular bud­gets, which is determined by their sal­ary. The college’s budget is determined by what this group of elected officials votes on.

Additionally, state funding for the college’s budget has only been getting smaller and smaller over the years.

The Ledger urges you all to be informed of our board members. All of their current résumés can be found online. We won’t tell you who to vote for, although we want you to be informed of what you’re voting on.
Take this time to elect an educational leader, and not someone who has never set foot inside a classroom.

Vote for a candidate who puts education before business. As Faculty Association Presi­dent Deb Williams said at a past board meeting, “This isn’t a bank,” and we as students shouldn’t sit aside and let it become a bank.



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