Popular radio DJs to attend Q&A at the college


By Graciela Becerra 

Reporting Correspondent


The Journalism and Media Communications department along with the Student News Center are hosting a People in the Media panel on Thursday, Oct. 8.

Four Kansas City radio hosts have been invited to participate in the Q&A session with students and the public. Danny Boi from 96.5 the Buzz, Ivani Bing from 95.7 the Vibe, Jason Nivens from 98.9 the Rock,  Myron Fears from Hot 103 Jamz and two JCCC alums will be on the panel.  People-in-the-Media-flyer-2

Professor and Chairman of the Journalism and Media Communications department, Mark Raduziner, said “Everybody was on board right away. They loved the idea. I think people in the industry want to spread the word to other people about their jobs and what they do, and since they work in a public entity, they want to get out into the public and see the people who are their fans and also just spread the word about what a great industry and how much fun radio is.”

Students on campus are looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about the radio industry from the local professionals.

Student Danielle Harvey said “[The panel] is a good opportunity to get some insight on what [the media industry] is like. Students can gain confidence in knowing how good things are going for the professionals.”

According to Raduziner, the primary goal of the event is to expose students to a different side of the radio industry as well as get additional exposure for the college’s student-run radio station, ECAV Radio.  

“The students who come most likely listen to the radio, but they may not understand the radio as an industry, and so the students who might be interested in radio, they can learn a little bit more from people who work in the industry,” Raduziner said. “I just threw out the idea that I thought it’d be fun to bring some radio personalities on campus. I thought it would draw students other than our journalism students, and I also wanted to bring publicity, more of a presence, to ECAV Radio.”

Student Lavynder Padgett said “[Students] can find out the good and bad things [about the industry] and weigh the pros and cons to see if it’s what they’d like [in a career].”

Employees of ECAV Radio will be involved with moderating and hosting the event.

“I thought if we could have a couple of ECAV broadcast students moderating and have ECAV playing in the background, that we could sort of enhance the marketing and the presence of ECAV Radio and the great work our students do at the radio station,” Raduziner said. “I hope that [people] come. I think they’ll learn a whole lot about the radio industry and they’ll be able to meet and listen to people that they hear on the radio, and they’ll have a great time.”

The People in the Media panel will be held in the Craig Community Auditorium (GEB 233) from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.


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