MULTIMEDIA: Highlights from Q&A with local radio DJs at the college

Left to right, back row: Aaron Monson, Kevin Ochoa, Brandon Parnes, Josh Morrow, Rebecca Crockett, Patrick Kershner. Front row: Ivani Bing, Danny Boi, Myron Fears, Jason Nivens. Photo by Lance Martin.

The college hosted the “People in the Media” event Oct. 8. Moderated by ECAV Radio, the event consisted of a Q&A session with DJs from four local radio stations. Ivani Bing from 95.7 the Vibe, Danny Boi from 96.5 the Buzz, Myron Fears from Hot 103 Jamz and Jason Nivens from 98.9 the Rock gave students insight on how they got into the radio industry, what the industry is actually like and provided tips to students on how to get into the radio industry.

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Watch the highlights from the event here:

Contributions by JCAV-TV: Heather Foley, Executive Producer; Anthony Graham, Camera; Brandon Giraldo, Editor; Caleb Wayne, Graphics; and  eCAV Radio: Brandon Parnes, Voice-over. 


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