Letter to the editor: Give refugee status to those fleeing the Middle East


Dear Editor:

I would like to compliment you and your staff on the Staff Editorial and other concise articles in the December Campus Ledger concerning issues related to the Middle East and the refugee crisis.

As a child of seven in 1951, I first traveled to Syria from my home in Larnaca, Cyprus, to visit my uncle and aunt who taught in a school in Latakia, Syria. It was during this trip that I was first exposed to the refugee crisis in the Middle East, when from our hotel balcony I noticed people living on the roof of the building across the street in Beirut. They were Palestinian refugees who had fled from what is now Israel. Seeing those refugees made a lasting impression on me which I have not forgotten to this day.

With proper screening, there is no reason why the United States cannot give refuge to those fleeing war and political oppression in the Middle East.

I commend you for your principled stand on the issue.

Warm regards,

Tom Hutcheson

Olathe, KS

Perennial JCCC Lifetime Fitness Class Student

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