VIDEO: Students react to Super Bowl 50 entertainment, commercials


Students share their thoughts on Super Bowl 50’s halftime show and discuss commercials that stood out to them, as well as the national anthem performance.

Video by JCAV-TV: Heather Foley, Executive Producer; Anthony Graham, Camera; T.J. Kimbrough-French, Editor; Caleb Wayne, Graphics. Contributions from The Campus Ledger: Sean Hull, Managing Editor; J.T. Buchheit, News Editor. 

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by Annie Beurman 

Reporting Correspondent

Though the Super Bowl has been an annual American tradition for 50 years now, there are many people who watch the game for the commercials. When the game comes around, companies all over the country attempt to make something memorable to promote their products, and their attempts can end up leaving a lasting impression for years. Listed below are some of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials of all time.

1. Coca-Cola, Mean Joe Greene (1979)

When Joe Greene is discouraged after a football game, a child gives him his Coca-Cola, cheering Greene up once again.

2. Apple’s “Introducing Macintosh” (1984)

Remember the book “1984” by George Orwell? In the same year, our world has become a wasteland controlled by Big Brother, until it’s revealed that Apple will save the world from this fate with their new computer, the Macintosh.

3. Wassup, Budweiser (1999)

Two men are watching a game and drinking Budweisers. Neither seem very happy, until a friend comes in and livens them up with a simple word: “Wassup?”

4. Snickers, starring Betty White (2010)

Everyone has seen at least one Snickers commercial by now. In this one from 2010, featuring actress Betty White, a man playing football with his friends is, as they say, “playing like Betty White” until his girlfriend gives him a Snickers and gets his head back in the game.

5. The Force, Volkswagen (2011)

A child dressed as Darth Vader attempts to move and control several things around his house by using The Force with no success. When he attempts to control his father’s Volkswagen, he seems to turn it on, only to reveal to the audience that his father did it with his keys.


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