Romantic rendezvous: Cavs share plans for Valentine’s Day


By Aksinya Kichigina 

Reporting Correspondent

Valentine’s Day often sees people buying bouquets of scarlet roses and a life-size teddy bear, planning a romantic evening with their special someone, or perhaps planning what they’ll do in lieu of the holiday.  

Some of the students on campus have already started thinking about their plans for Valentine’s Day and what kinds of gifts they will need to prepare for their loved ones. Student Zaid Khalil already knows exactly what he will do on the special day and what surprise he is preparing for his girlfriend.

“This Valentine’s Day, I am going to go to a place on [Country Club] Plaza,” said Khalil. “It will be a little bit expensive, so I am planning on spending at least $100. And also it’s going to be a gigantic teddy bear, which is $40.”  

Khalil sees the holiday as a great chance to surprise his girlfriend and show what he feels toward her. In addition, the holiday also marks their six-month anniversary.

“My girlfriend is going to be in the house the night before the holiday, and I am going to wake up, have breakfast with her, dress up [in] something nice and just go and spend the day outside,” said Khalil. “During that day, we will go to the restaurant, and on the way back home, the teddy bear is going to be waiting for her in the middle of the room.”  

For students looking to purchase flowers on the holiday, the college’s Floriculture Club will be working hard to keep up with Valentine’s Day demand.

“Our floral design club is making special Valentine’s flowers. You can order online or come to the food court and buy,” said Diana Ryan, the interior merchandising and design club adviser.

The club will sell a variety of flowers including  roses, carnations, mums, and waxflower. According to Ryan, sales are always up for Valentine’s Day, which makes them busier during the holiday.

However, Valentine’s Day is not always all about being romantic, giving roses and being sweet to your loved one. There are some people who are single and don’t do much on this day. That’s how student Courtland Samsonov envision his upcoming Valentine’s Day.

“Since I am not [a] very emotional person, I am going to buy my mom and my grandma a box of chocolate and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day,” he said.

Nevertheless, even if a person does not have anyone with whom to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day or give roses, many do not give up on dreaming. Being currently single, however, has not stopped Samsonov from hoping to eventually have someone for the holiday.

He said once that person came along, he would wake up with her in the morning, kiss her, give her a rose, make breakfast, thank her for everything, ask her what she would want to do that day and go to a fancy restaurant.



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